Wine Flows Wine Spillages

Spilling Wine. Oh, No!Wine Flows - Spillage1

“Not sure why, but we’ve decided to take pictures of the Wine Flows wine spillages that occur during our wine tastings. And boy, do we have a few of those. Sacrilege, we hear you scream out – believe us, we feel the same – but messing wine does happen. Especially when you do a hell of a lot of it. A lot of wining; not spilling.”

Spill Wine At Your Peril.

“Of course wine spilling is never done intentionally. Our punishment is harsh. So we cling onto that bottle for dear life while filling up the glass for the next tasting. Pour slowly now. Focus on the rim, dear. Steady that shaking hand.”

Wine Flows Creating A Good Time.

“But when you’re having a great time around a wine table with great friends things tend to get out of hand. Hand gestures become exaggerated as the wine flows. Arguments flare up and fists can easily bash onto table tops when a good wine has been verbally abused. Yes, wine tasting can get a little rough and messing squashed grapes happens before you can say shut-up-and-pull-the-cork-out-the-wine-bottle.”

Wine Flows Wine Spillages will be added to this page as and when they happen:

Wine Flows - Spillage2Wine Flows - Spillage3Wine Flows - Spillage4

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