Wine Flows Wine Reviews

Wine Flows - Wine ReviewsHaving Fun While Reviewing Wine.

Wine reviewing is an absolute favourite of ours. Just sitting around the Wine Flows table and sharing a few good, sometimes bad, bottles of wine and reviewing them. Not reviewing them as in, we are the wine gurus and we know exactly what we are talking about. No. Just sipping and saying exactly what comes to mind about the squashed grapes we’ve just consumed. Sometimes good things; sometimes not so good things. Depending on how our taste buds feel when the wine flows over them during the wine review.

We don’t use any fancy wine reviewing terms, just simple terms an average wine consumer would probably use. Our Wine Flows wine reviewing / rating system is a very simple one. We give corks to the various wines we drink and taste. 1 cork = terrible wine – 10 corks = brilliant wine!

Hope you enjoy our wine blog – do let us know what you think of it. Good; or bad.

Wine Flows - Wine Review2How Those In The Know Conduct A Wine Review.

“Wine gurus reckon one should know and appreciate the subtle beauty of the wines they drink:

• Checking the different colours of the wine: Tilt your glass slightly to see the red colour differences from the centre to the outside. You could also hold the glass up in front of a white background to see the range of reds in a wine – it’s called seeing the wine’s true colour.

• Swirling your wine: This allows flavours to escape so you can sniff the wine’s real aroma.

• Judging a wine’s viscosity: This is how quickly the wine runs down the side of the glass. Wine is said to have ‘legs’. This is a test of the alcohol content of the wine.

• Sniffing the wine: Sniff the wine gently and think of the flavours you are smelling.

• Sip, but don’t swallow… the wine: Roll the wine around your mouth so it covers all your taste buds. You should pick up all the various flavours that have been added to the wine. Feel the texture of the wine over your tongue.

• Spit the wine out: Do this just before taking another sip.

• Inhale the wine flavours through your mouth: Take a sip of wine and keep the wine in your mouth. Now suck a little air into your mouth without swallowing the wine. Blow out through your nose. You should pick up loads of flavours and character through your nose.

• Sip wine with some air: The next sip should be slurped with some air. Keep the noise down to a minimum.

And that is roughly how the wine gurus taste for flavours and textures in a wine during wine reviews.”

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