Wine Flows Glossary

Wine Flows - wine bottles“While quaffing copious amounts of wine we’ll try to remember to update our Wine Flows Glossary. Don’t hold us to ransom if we forget, every now and then. Also, don’t take our wine terms to heart. As we’ve always said, we’re certainly not wine professionals. We’re just a group of women who absolutely love sitting around a table sharing a good bottle, or two, or three… For real wine terminology visit:”


  1. Acid: She doesn’t drink any wine and lives next door to one of us.
  2. Ageing: Like a fine wine. Yeah, right. It actually means you’ve had a lot wine and your make-up starts running and people begin to see your life-lines. Oh yes, unfortunately the luscious fruits have been squashed out of us. Well, some of us.
  3. Alcohol: That stuff that makes us feel all fuzzy, young, free and happy. It also makes us stop driving. Which is a good thing.
  4. Alsace: A person who smashes all wine bottles in their face.
  5. Aroma: We’re not fussy wine professionals, so we just say it straight if a wine stinks.
  6. Assemblage: Lining wine bottles up in the school hall first thing in the morning.
  7. Astringent: This reeks of acid. See our wine glossary term 1.
  8. Austere: A wine way too young for us.
  9. Balanced: When you don’t topple over after a Wine Flows’ evening.
  10. Bin: Where all our empty wine bottles end up.
  11. Bleeding: If you stab yourself, or a fellow wine taster, with the corkscrew.
  12. Blind tasting: Sipping wine while blind drunk.
  13. Body: Those gorgeous carriages we all had before discovering wine.

We’ll be adding to the Wine Flows’ Wine Glossary on a regular basis.

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