About Wine Flows

Wine flows - Blue wine corkscrewWine Flows is all about wine tasting. Wine tasting done by four rather vicious women. They tell it like it is. They’ll tell you exactly what they think about a bottle of wine. There’s no holding back once these winelovers open up.

So beware of that plonk you’ve tried to sneak through your wine quality controllers Miss, Missus, Master or Mister Winemaster. The Wine Flows women will let you know all about it.

Wine must be marvelous. What’s the point if it’s not? Wine must be fun. People must laugh, live and enjoy every time a cork is removed and the wine flows. Socialising around a good bottle of wine is what we absolutely love. If it’s a not-so-good bottle of wine – our conversation is short and sharp. Our tempers flare. It spoils our entire wine tasting evenings. So hopefully, we’ll be opening more good wines than bad ones.

Join us as we share bottle after bottle of wine. Just don’t expect any fancy wine talk like a fine bouquet or a cork taint, though. We’ll give it to you straight after the wine has flowed and the bottle is empty.

Why don’t you select a bottle of wine for us to review?

Let us know which bottle of wine you’d like us to open for one of our wine tastings.”

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