Vinny The Vinologist.

Winbe Flows Vinologist Sauvignon BlancSupes chuffed to say we’ve finally had a Vinologist at one of our wine sessions. We suddenly feel like we can challenge the professionals. There’s a definite shoulder swagger and a certain cockiness in every sip we take.

Feeling very excited and all wine experty. We’re suddenly throwing terms like precision viticulture and oenology around our drinking table like they belong. Getting totes caught up in this never-ending quest to nab the perfect grapes.

And what a find this Vinologist Sauvignon Blanc 2019 certainly is. Zesty lime and gooseberry kicked our journey off. We discovered ripe pear, melon and peach along the way. Passion fruit appeared. Apples passed by. Lemons visited. A vibrant, delicioso, yummalicious fruitiness from beginning to end.

We’ll definitely be inviting Vinny around a lot more – yes, we’ve named him. This dark, mysterious, hat wearing, trench-coated guy clutching a pair of sears while staring lovingly at a bunch of grapes.

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