Flippen Nice Wine.

Traipsing down one of the many aisles at one of our many favourite wine stores the other day. No particular winery, brand or bottle on our minds. No special tipple floating around in our heads.

Just pushing a pretty fully loaded trolley as we look from left to right and right to left. Top to bottom. And bottom to top.

Suddenly, we stop dead in our tracks. Take a few steps back. Shut the cellar door! There it is!

Nearly walked straight past this bloody freaking bugger. And flippen hell, what kind of wine lovers would we be if we sauntered past a Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot called… Wait for it…. Wait for it…

Flippenice!? All in hand scrawled type. Even with a little heart beneath it. Lovely little touch, Tulbagh Winery.

Can just imagine our flippen conversation around this wine when we crack its neck.


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