Porcupines and Wine.

Did some 2018s on our MerlotDonnay Day. A random day we select to do Merlot and Chardonnay in the same sitting around our wine-quaffing table. Yes, we do silly things like that every now and then.

On this day we did a prickle of porcupines!? Would never have guessed it was a prickle in a million years – even if all four our lives depended on it. Thanks Google! We owe you one. Let it be said, Big G knows everything.

We climbed all over these two porcupettes (porcupine babies). Thanks a million once again, Big G – The Knower of All. We owe you two.

A respectful and loving goggle we gave these two wines from Boekenhoutskloof before taking them down. They’re so cute and cuddly. As we fondly love to say, before cracking the neck of any porcupine – anything with this many pricks can only be good for us.

And good they indeed were. The red was beautiful and dark. Rich red berries. Perfectly ripe plums. Lingering. Juicy.

The white dished out ample citrus. Limes. Grapefruit. Lemons. Zesty. Twitched the jaw muscles perfectly.

Totes delicioso wines!



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