Chameleon Wine Changes During Sipping.

Right off the bat we’d like to say this Chameleon Merlot 2017 with no added sulphur is one damn mighty fine wine. Filled with tantalizingly juicylicious lusciousness.

We’re still fighting about it. Was that chocolate we just tasted? Yes! Maybe! No yes, definitely. It played with our minds in the most lovealiciously delightful way. Berries bursting at their seams. Perfectly swollen grapes. More berries – fatter than before.

But that was just the beginning. The ol’ aged pipe tobacco pouch made its appearance. Pop! Then we swore we tasted brandy. Another pop. Was that sherry that just sauntered over our taste buds? Pop again. What!? Did some port just tickle our flavour follicles? Everything delicately sailed around us. And changed. And changed again. Then came back.

Totes yummalicious. Yes please!

A definite 7 Wine Flows’ corks for the Chameleon from Jordan Winery.

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