Is Mensa Wine Testing Us?

This wine is totes making us nervous. Is our grey matter about to go under a microscope? Has the time come for the judges to be judged? Is there a certain level of smartness that’s required before opening this bottle from MENSA?

Perhaps it’s a trick cork – and only a Smart Alec gets to enjoy this Cabernet Sauvignon? Should we say something clever? Like Rumpelstiltskin or Open Sesame?

The questions rage on. Our inferiority complexes are in the spotlight. Does our IQ rating need to be above 132? Collectively, we should manage to accumulate enough points. Thankfully, there are two plus two of us!

It takes us only a little while to figure out the cork removal system. Thanks to a step by step information card secured around the neck of the bottle. Wowzers! A cork that doesn’t require the services of a corkscrew! These Mensa peeps are really sharp. We’d better be on our toes here.

PULL the tab to release the capsule. TWIST the cork to open. POUR and enjoy. Twist again to close.

Hey, that was pretty easy. Maybe we’re a lot smarter than we think.

Well, well, well. What do you know? It’s rather pleasant here hobnobbing in high IQ societyville. Chocolate intermingles with yummalicious ripened berries. Delicioso spices emerge. Oak lingers. Deep and dark. Just the way we like it.

Mensa Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 gets five corks from Wine Flows.

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